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Buzztracker Press Appearances



6/17 Apple Featured widget on Buzztracker linked to from the front page of
6/7 BBC Mentioned during radio panel discussion on new interfaces to news.
5/18 Metafilter Discussion about Buzztracker on Metafilter.
5/14 Lawrence Lessig "Here's a cool remix of the news, in a new service called Buzztracker. Using Google, the site gives a visual representation of news on the net."
5/13 Asian WSJ Article, "For News Junkies, a Graphic Display," by Jeremy Wagstaff.
'It's an elegant, simple view of what's going on in the world. But it's more than that: The links underline the way that events in one place are connected to those in other places ... '
5/12 Loosewire Extended interview between Craig Mod and Jeremy Wagstaff.
4/27 Design Observer '... Months ago, we directed your attention to Kuhaku & Other Accounts from Japan, an amazing book by Craig Mod and Chin Music Press. Now this partnership of designer and publisher has broken new ground with Buzztracker, software that "visualizes frequencies and relationships between locations in the Google world news directory."'
4/12 The day after launches, slashdot picks up the story and sends over 80,000 visitors to the site.

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